Ideas to make your house feel cosy during lockdown

Since we’re spending a lot more time in our houses and quite frankly, we’re not at all sure when we’ll be out of them again, we may as well make them as cosy as possible.

I’ve collated my favourite ideas to combat lockdown blues and add some hygge to your home.

Simple Declutter or Rearrange Furniture.

If you’ve been meaning to have a declutter, now is the perfect time. After all, they do say ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ and this is all the more important if you’re working from home too.

If you want to mix things up, moving things around won’t cost anything but can give a fresh perspective. Be it moving the TV from one side of the room to the other, or shaking the whole layout up.

I have also loved using apple crates - they’re cheap to buy and can be used as a small bedside table, to display things in, or as a coffee table - perfect for playing cards or board games on rather than watching television.

New Pillows or Throws

Nothing makes you feel quite as cosy as a soft throw, gown, or new cushions. I love the range of bright and patterned cushions at Shadow Bright, amazing upcycled vintage tea towel cushions at The Neighbourhood Threat, or you could splash on a luxury throw from Mcnutt

Flower Shower

Flowers can really brighten the place up and lift your mood but it can be difficult to access them and keep buying fresh ones at the moment. Now would be the perfect time to dry some flowers out - it’s easy to do and they’ll last forever, not just lockdown.

If you’re lucky enough to have a nice garden, you may be able to forage some of your own. You could also find ferns and beautiful wild grasses on a walk if you’re doing this as your daily exercise. Or you could buy a fresh bunch and dry them out yourself to last the rest of lockdown.

For bigger flower heads, they’ll dry out better and retain their shape if you hang them up with string for a couple of weeks. But many flowers will be fine if you just place them in a vase and leave them without any water - eucalyptus and smaller headed flowers are particularly good.

My supplier is sadly closed so I can’t send flowers but If you’d rather someone else did it for you, The Happy Blossoms have a beautiful range of ‘baked blossoms’ that can be delivered to your door.

If you’re in the Wigan area, Olive Owl flowers are also delivering Eucalyptus bundles, which can be hung near the shower head to release fragrance and give you a relaxing aromatherapy shower.

Candles, duh

The soothing scent of a candle is not to be underestimated. Fill your home with calm aromas and let the flicker of candle light make you feel all kinds of zen.

For calming scents, I’d recommend Pink Peppercorn and Mandarin, French Pear and Ginger, or Dark Honey and Tobacco.

Or if you want a more invigorating and uplifting scent, you could opt for something like Rosemary and Eucalyptus, Green Tomato Leaf or Bergamot and Ginger.

Fresh Paint

I know this may not be practical for everyone but a fresh lick of paint can do your space and mind the world of good. My house was in need of a refresh anyway and it feels so much better now.

Although some shops are restricting this, it’s still available from lots of places; Wickes, Graham and Brown, Homebase, Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Crown, Lick Home.

Let The Outside In

It can all start to feel a bit cramped, especially if you live in an apartment or don’t have a garden - get the windows wide open, listen to the birds and soak it in.

Eat, Drink and be Hygge

Slowing down and enjoying food and drink is one element of Hygge - the Danish way to live well - and a lot can be said for it.

Spend time cooking slow and longer meals. If you have a slow cooker - chuck everything in and make a stew. Leave it cooking all day and let the smell fill your home. Not much can beat the smell or make you feel cosier than a cake or loaf of bread baking in the oven either.

Create a Special Space

With people working from home, or generally feeling a sense of being stuck in one place, it’s important to find moments of calm and tranquility.

Find a space to create your own cosy corner - be it an armchair with a cosy blanket, an area of the room with cushions and a soft throw, or even the bath with candles and calming bath salts.

Create a space to switch off in and just use it to read books, write, draw… anything but scroll social media and news… this is your moment of calm.

Let There Be (twinkly) Light

Whether it’s a lamp, lanterns, loads of candles, or you dig those Christmas fairy lights out - lights create SUCH a cosy mood.

Steer away from harsh lights and create a cosy atmosphere with dim lighting. Just add a glass of red and a pack of playing cards for ultimate zen.

Print Photos

With social media and heaps of free storage - people just don’t print pictures out as much anymore. Now is the perfect time to get your fondest memories and happy moments in print.

Everyone is missing their family and friends, so what better to fill your house with than small reminders of them. Photobox do printed polaroid pictures so they look the part too - you could even add them to your fairy lights and use this as your cosy corner.

If anyone tries any of these or has any other suggestions, i’d love to hear them. Leave a comment, send me an email or get in touch on social media.

Sophie x

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