Our Story

Every year, more than 28 billion glass bottles and jars end up in landfills. It takes less energy to recycle glass than it does to make new glass from raw materials. 

We’re on a mission to reduce this and give empty booze bottles a new lease of life. Bottles from bars and restaurants that would otherwise be discarded, are repurposed to create a beautiful new product, to sit proudly in your homes. A brand new item to spark more joy and create more memories.

Booze and Burn started from humble beginnings with founder Sophie, making wine bottle candles in 2015 for family and friends as part of her families ‘£5 or make it’ Christmas gift rule - implemented in a bid to save money. It gradually took off and what started off as a hobby turned into a small business. Sophie finally took the leap and quit her job in 2018, determined to grow Booze and Burn and fill homes with the best smelling, long lasting, repurposed wine bottle candles.

Everything is made by hand, in our Salford studio. Esther started in 2021 and has been a huge part of the business ever since, well and truly keeping the cogs turning. Sophie’s dad, Tony, also helps in the studio with lots of bottle repurposing - he joined us after 25+ years in the fire service so candle safety is also his forte. We use environmentally friendly products wherever possible, packaging and products are all plastic free, vegan friendly and made with soy wax - a vegetable based alternative to paraffin that lasts up to twice as long and doesn’t release lots of nasty toxins.

Sophie and the team have worked on new products, to make the most of each wine bottle - including the wine bottle tealight lanterns, using the top half of the bottle after the bottom half is used for a candle. As well as different Booze and Burn repurposed gifts, the range also expanded to include a hand thrown pot collection, created in collaboration with Manchester maker, Partington’s Pots. Diffusers and gifts including luxury matches, cards and wick trimmers have also been added, giving customers the option to create gift boxes.

Monthly subscriptions are now available too, with a range of prices and product options. A monthly dose of Booze and Burn on your doorstep? Yes please.

The Booze and Burn journey started naturally and continues to evolve. We’re so grateful to every single customer and anyone who has supported us along the way - your enthusiasm for our candles has given us the push to keep going and growing. We’re very excited for what’s to come.

Thank you!