How can we help you?

Can you make custom orders?

Yes - it's a brilliant way to turn a special bottle into a beautiful candle and create a whole new lifetime of memories from it. Popular custom orders are bottles from weddings, big birthdays, special moments - or just your favourite spirit bottle.
Get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss your request. Let us know the bottle(s) you'd like making into a candle and any other requirements or queries. We'll get back to you as soon as possible and can discuss logistics from there.
Please be aware lead times may be longer during candle season and in the run up to Christmas.

How do you cut and repurpose the bottles?

The repurposing process is a lengthy one but it just makes the finished product even more worthwhile and satisfying to see. We do everything by hand, in house at our Salford studio.

We get the majority of our bottles from local bars and pubs and then remove all the labels (apart from spirit bottles). Next, we cut the bottle using a wet saw - when you're working with glass and putting it through a vigorous process, a lot of the tools you use are wet, as it stops the glass from chipping or over heating and cracking.
The rough edge of the glass then needs to be grinded so it's smooth, taking any chips out and making it safe to touch. We then hand sand the centre edge until that's smooth.
Finally, we wash and polish the glass before it's hand poured with scented wax and the candle is made.

What is soy wax & how is it different to normal wax?

Plant / vegetable based wax is a natural type of wax made by hydrogenating vegetable oil such as soy bean oil. Natural waxes are fast becoming the best choice for candles because they're much friendlier to ourselves and the environment. It is an eco friendly, renewable alternative to paraffin wax - that burns well and is much less likely to soot, making it a friendly alternative to our homes and bodies. Soy wax burns for up to twice as long as paraffin wax (our standard wine bottle candle will burn for over 50 hours) and provides a much smoother and cleaner burn.

Do you have a shop?

Watch this space! For now, you can purchase online or if you'd like to have a browse in person, check out our page of stockists to see if any are near you, or you can often find us at Altrincham Market or Northern Quarter Makers Market (it's worth checking our Instagram page for updates on our whereabouts too.

What should I do with the glass once my candle's finished?

Our empty Booze and Burn glasses also make brilliant vases and pots, to fill with whatever you fancy. We love continuing the recycling process and like seeing them take on new purposes.

We also offer a 20% discounted refill or empty return discount - get in touch if you'd like the same bottle refilling - you can post it to us or bring it to a market if you're nearby. Likewise, if you have empties and would like discount on new candles - you can bring your empties to a market or post them to us and we'll provide a discount code for the site.

I have a bit of wax left in the bottom of the candle - can I use it?

If you've used a Booze and Burn candle before, you'll hopefully know how evenly and smoothly they burn down. You should have limited wax leftover at the end. It is normal to have a small amount, as you shouldn't burn any candles all the way to the bottom anyway, but you can also sometimes have some leftover wax if the wine bottle has a bigger punt (the indent). We do try to choose bottles for candles that have a smaller, or no indent but sometimes it is hard to avoid.

The best way to still make the very most of your candle and the scented wax, is to use the leftover on a wax melter.

To remove the leftover wax, you can place the glass in a freezer - the cold will cause the wax to shrink thus making it easier to remove. You can use a butter knife to loosen any larger chunks that remain in the glass before this too.
An alternative to this is to create a double boiler / bain marie. Place the candle in a pot and place this in a pan of shallow water. Bring to the boil and when you see the wax starting to sweat and loosen, you should be able to scoop it out and use it on your melter. Alterntively, you can put the candle straight into a shallow pan of warm water but you'd need to be careful not to let it get to hot as this could crack the glass.

We would generally avoid getting water in the glass with the wax, if you'd like to reuse the wax or clean it properly. It won't burn well if it's mixed with water and water also makes it much harder to clean - it is best to remove the wax first and wipe the glass with kitchen roll or a cloth, then use hot soapy water to clean the empty container afterwards.

Are your products vegan friendly?

Yes! All of our products are made with soy wax and are totally vegan friendly.
It's important to us that our products are environmentally conscious and we're always keen to explore new ideas, or ways to make them as sustainable as possible. All our products and packages are plastic free and use recyclable materials.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes - we've updated our shipping options to include Europe and other countries. Due to the weight of the product, shipping is more for countries outside of the UK as expected, but this is calculated for you at checkout.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes - we'd love to hear from you if you'd like to stock Booze and Burn or know of a shop that you'd love to see our candles in. Please visit www.boozeandburn/stockists where you can see a list of stockists and submit a wholesale enquiry form. We'll then follow this up and get in touch regarding wholesale costs and options

Do you do workshops for private groups?

Workshops are brilliant for special events - such as hen parties, or corporate get togethers. They're also just a lovely thing to do for groups of family and friends. At the moment, workshops are just in Manchester / Greater Manchester - we can host them at one of our partner venues or we are happy to come to a venue of your choice if it is within distance. Please email us on or fill out the enquiry form on the workshop page and we will get back to you