Think all things hygge - rainy days, cosy nights, comfy jumper, crackling fire, a glass of red and the feeling of being utterly content.This sweet but spicy accord oozes the well loved scent of French pear with a warm and spicy blend of ginger and orange. With subtle hints of midnight jasmine, tonka beans, thistle honey and vanilla.Small batch, 300g eco soy wine bottle candle. Each candle is unique and made from a recycled and repurposed wine bottleBurn time approx. 50+ hoursVegan friendly

French Pear and Ginger Wine Bottle Candle

Personalised Label
  • It's important to us that we create a product you're happy with and want you to feel assured you can buy with confidence. A lot of love and time goes into each one so we want you to feel as happy with it as we are. 

    If you’re dissatisfied with your candle, we'd be happy to return, replace or exchange our standard products.


    If your candle gets damaged in transit, we'll replace it for you.


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