Like your standard Wine Bottle Candle... only a bit bigger. Each candle is made out of a wider, heavier repurposed bottle (such as prosecco) and will give you over 60 hours burn.

Choose any scent you'd like and pick from a choice of either straight up (like the standard wine bottles) or curved bottles.

End of the bottle, let the memories return, as you Booze and Burn...Small batch, 400ml eco soy wine bottle candle. Each candle is unique and made from a recycled and repurposed olive green wine bottle.

Large 400ml Soy Wine Bottle Candle

Personalised Label
Bottle Shape
  • It's important to us that we create a product you're happy with and want you to feel assured you can buy with confidence. A lot of love and time goes into each one so we want you to feel as happy with it as we are. 

    If you’re dissatisfied with your candle, we'd be happy to return, replace or exchange our standard products.


    If your candle gets damaged in transit, we'll replace it for you.


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